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Erik van Zuylen

Alissa in Concert

Edition 1990
75' - 1990 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Erik van Zuylen Composer: Frances-Marie Uitti With: Frances-Marie Uitti, Michael C. Matthews, Pim Lambeau
Erik Van Zuylen explores the theatre, though he has primarily made a film. The story is quite simple and originates in a brief romance between a man and a woman. The woman, a cello-player ('played' by the experimental cellist Frances-Marie Uitti) seems unable to
forget him and sets out to look for him. She sees him everywhere, in ever changing shapes and apparently ignoring they ever met before. The man is a fiction, the result of the woman's longing and in that respect the embodiment of the pain love can inflict.

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Erik van Zuylen


Frances-Marie Uitti


Frances-Marie Uitti, Michael C. Matthews, Pim Lambeau


Erik van Zuylen

Director of Photography

Alejandro Agresti, Elianne Van Dorp


Kees Kasander, Denis Wigman

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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