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Nouchka van Brakel

Aletta Jacobs, het hoogste streven

Edition 1995
65' - 1995 - Drama, Biography - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Nouchka van Brakel Composer: Boudewijn Tarenskeen With: Luutgard Willems, Hans Kesting, Max Arian
On her 17th birthday Aletta Jacobs takes a step that will turn out to have an enormous effect on her life and that of other Dutch women. Angry because she cannot become a doctor like her father, she writes a letter to the Minister of the Interior in which she asks permission to go to university as the first woman. When she is allowed to enroll for a probationary year in 1871, public opinion reacts very strongly. Aletta is seen as a broken-hearted man-hunter. But she succeeds in finishing her study and sets up her own private practice in Amsterdam. When she starts giving free consultations for prostitutes and working class women, the
whole country is in a turmoil...

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Nouchka van Brakel


Boudewijn Tarenskeen


Luutgard Willems, Hans Kesting, Max Arian


Nouchka van Brakel, Eugenie Jansen

Director of Photography

Niels Post


Michiel van Jaarsveld, Eugenie Jansen


Stienette Bosklopper, Elly Klaassen

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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