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Jørn Faurschou


80' - 1998 - Family, Adventure - Dialogue: Danish
Director: Jørn Faurschou Composer: Frans Bak With: Morten Gundel, Sebastian Jessen, Stephania Potalivo
Albert, ten, loves playing at pirates with his friend Egon. Together they sail on the lake in an old bathtub and steal pears from the shoemaker. Once upon a time the man was the custodian of an enormous diamond, the Grimaldi Green. When the jewel disappeared he became a shoemaker with a passion for high fences and who hated thieves. One day, Albert and Egon, while running away to escape from his anger, fall into the water. Egon’s severe mother, on seeing her son soaking wet, forbids him to play with Albert, causing a quarrel between the two boys. During the night, Egon disappears, taking with him the bathtub boat. Albert climbs in an old barrel and sails off to search for him, threading his way into a mysterious grotto in the lake. He finds himself in a bizarre world made of booths and circus tents where he meets two shady characters that have been trying to find the diamond for years.

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9f621796 d2ed 45cc ac4f 01de9d1f2043
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Jørn Faurschou


Frans Bak


Morten Gundel, Sebastian Jessen, Stephania Potalivo


Jørn Faurschou, Ole Fick, Anders Thomas Jensen

Director of Photography

Eric Kress


Anders Villadsen


Kim Magnusson, Tivi Magnusson

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"Albert" (Ole Lund Kirkegaard)



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