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Olivier Smolders


Edition 1987
16' - 1987 - Drama, Short - Dialogue: French
Director: Olivier Smolders With: Takashi Matsuo, Catherine Aymerie
About a young man who looks to have invited a young woman over for dinner. She brings a stack of books along with her, and he shows her that he has set up a camera to record their evening. They have dinner, then some wine, and then he sets up a microphone and a reel to reel and records her reading some poetry. Next is a little more wine, a little more poetry, and a kiss on the cheek. But when he pushes for more, she says no and insists on sticking to the poetry readings, which apparently disappoints him greatly. He leaves the room, comes back with a gun, and shoots her in the back. Then things get weird.

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Olivier Smolders


Takashi Matsuo, Catherine Aymerie


Olivier Smolders

Director of Photography

Walter van den Ende


Thierry Knauff

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Countries of production

Belgium, France



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