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Nelson Pereira dos Santos

A Terceira Margem do Rio (The Third Bank of the River)

Edition 1994
98' - 1994 - Fantasy, Drama - Dialogue: Portuguese
Director: Nelson Pereira dos Santos Composer: Milton Nascimento With: Ilya São Paulo, Sonia Saurin, Barbara Brandt
A man leaves wife and children to spend the rest of his life on a nearby river. Although they never see him again they know that he is alive because, every day the food that his son Liojorge puts on the bank disappears. Years go by. Rosario, his daughter, marries and moves with her husband to the city. Liojorge continues to bring his father food. He notices a calf wading through the river and he follows it. The calf leads him to a house where a young woman, Alva, lives. This woman becomes Liojorge's wife. He takes her down to the river and introduces her to his invisible father.

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Nelson Pereira dos Santos


Milton Nascimento


Ilya São Paulo, Sonia Saurin, Barbara Brandt


Nelson Pereira dos Santos

Director of Photography

Gilberto Azevedo, Fernando Duarte


Carlos Alberto Camuyrano, Luelane Corrêa

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Countries of production

Brazil, France

Screenplay based on

"A Terceira Margem do Rio" (João Guimarães Rosa)



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