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Péter Gothár

A Részleg (The Outpost)

Edition 1995
82' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Hungarian
Director: Péter Gothár Composer: György Orbán, György Selmeczi With: Mária Nagy, József Szarvas, Valentin Teodosiu
Gizella Weisz lives somewhere in Eastem Europe at the end of the 80's. She works for a designing institute when she is suddenly appointed head of an outpost. A train takes her to a shabby and run-down factory lying in the middle of a muddy industrial landscape. The outpost however, is still farther. Gizella continues her journey on a rail-car. She crosses another rail-car going in the opposite direction with a man in poor condition, Gizella does not recognize her former colleague. On snowbound mountains, where an ice-cold shack with two beds can be found, lives a man called Petya or Öcsi. This is where Gizella is going to spend the next part of her life...

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Péter Gothár


György Orbán, György Selmeczi


Mária Nagy, József Szarvas, Valentin Teodosiu


Péter Gothár, Ádám Bodor

Director of Photography

Vivi Dragan Vasile


Eszter Majoros, Peter Timar


Mihail Cociasu, Cristian Comeaga, András Ozori

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Countries of production

Hungary, Romania

Screenplay based on

"A részleg" (Ádám Bodor)



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