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Min-Yong Lee

A hot roof (Gyae-got-un nalui ohu)

Edition 1996
108' - 1995 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Min-Yong Lee Composer: Young-hoon Lee With: Bo-Suk Chung, Sun-Kyoung Chung, You-Mi Ha
Temperatures way up in the hundreds drive the inhabitants of a closely-built, badly ventilated estate, near to distraction. The suffering tenants will go to any lengths to find a way of cooling themselves. The few air-conditioners are running at top speed, the doors of the refrigerators are left open and every conceivable piece of equipment that promises cool air has been turned on. A power cut is inescapable. Within minutes the apartments are transformed into red-hot ovens. The exhausted tenants leave their flats, lead by Chong-Hee who is desperate to get away from her violent husband. But it's not long before he catches up with her and continues to beat. And it's not the first time that the neighbours are witness to his behaviour either.

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Min-Yong Lee


Young-hoon Lee


Bo-Suk Chung, Sun-Kyoung Chung, You-Mi Ha


Min-ho Cho, Jin Jang, Kyung-Sik Lee

Director of Photography

Jeong-min Seo


Gok-ji Park


Sun-yeol Lee

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Countries of production

South Korea

Screenplay based on

"Gyae-got-un nalui ohu" (Jae-Lee Song)



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