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Im Sang-soo

A Good Lawyer's Wife (Baramnan Gajok)

104' - 2003 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Im Sang-soo Composer: Kim Hongheab With: Moon So-ri, Hwang Jung-min, Beak Juongrim
A good wife, a cheating husband, a very sexy family drama... Hojung (Moon So-ri) is a former dancer now settled down to taking care of her precocious 7 year old adopted son Sooin and her eccentric alcoholic father-in-law and a secretive mother-in-law. Her husband Youngjak (Hwang Jungmin), however, is hardly home, too busy with his law practice, drinking, and seeing his young mistress, Yeon, a former model. Hojung mostly accepts Youngjak's infidelity but she is getting more and more sexually frustrated to the point that she can't find her G-Spot. When a teenage boy living next door becomes infatuated with Hojung, she is at first curious but then drawn to his attention. Then circumstances unfold force Hojung and Youngjak to actions and lead to decisions surprising and unexpected. Youngjak is out of town with Yeon and on their way back there is an accident. Hojung's liaisons with the teenage boy are found out by the boy's father, and another tragedy occurs. The family is never the same...

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Im Sang-soo


Kim Hongheab


Moon So-ri, Hwang Jung-min, Beak Juongrim


Im Sang-soo

Director of Photography

Woo-hyung kim


Lee Eun-soo


Shim Bokyung, Shin Chul

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Countries of production

South Korea




Im Sang-soo
Girls' Night Out (1998), Tears (2000), A Good Lawyer's Wife (2003), The President's Last Bang (2005), The Old Garden (2006), The Housemaid (2010), The Taste of Money (2012), Intimate Enemies (2015), Heaven: To the Land of Happiness (2021)

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