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Stanley Kubrick

A Clockwork Orange

136' - 1971 - Crime - Dialogue: English
Director: Stanley Kubrick With: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates
Teenage delinquents Alex, Dim, Georgie and Pete living in a futuristic British state, indulge in nightly rounds of beatings, rapings and, as they call it "ultraviolence." Among their victims is prominent writer Mr. Alexander. THey beat him senseless and brutally gang-rap his attractive wife. After violently quelling an uprising among his own gang, Alex is betrayed by them during another attack. in prison he agress to undergo experiments in "aversion therapy" in order to shorten his term. Now nauseated by the mere sight of violence, he is pronounced cured and released into the outside world.

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Stanley Kubrick


Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates


Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Burgess

Director of Photography

John Alcott


Bill Butler


Stanley Kubrick

Non-original music

Henry Purcell, Giacomo Puccini, Ludwig van Beethoven

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Countries of production

United States of America, United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

"A Clockwork Orange" (Anthony Burgess)



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