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Giles Walker

90 Days

Edition 1986
100' - 1985 - Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Italian, Korean, English
Director: Giles Walker Composer: Richard Gresko With: Stefan Wodoslawsky, Christine Pak, Sam Grana
90 Days is a tongue-in-cheek look at the misadventures of two modern men in search of romantic bliss: macho Alex, who receives the offer of a lifetime from a mysterious woman, and sincere Blue, who goes to extravagant lengths to find the perfect bride. A classic example of the philandering husband, Alex is caught in a bind. Wife and girlfriend abandon him simultaneously. One suitcase and his golf clubs bear silent witness. But, as if by magic, a new woman appears in Alex's life. Lacking the bravado of Alex, Blue has discovered a new approach to happiness - the written word. In his relentless search for the perfect woman, he has resorted to the Cherry Blossoms catologue for a mail-order bride from Korea. He has 90 days to make up his mind before her visa expires.

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Giles Walker


Richard Gresko


Stefan Wodoslawsky, Christine Pak, Sam Grana


Giles Walker, David Wilson

Director of Photography

Andrew Kitzanuk


David Wilson


Giles Walker, David Wilson

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Italian, Korean, English

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