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Michael Haneke

71 Fragmente einer Chronologie des Zufalls (71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance)

Edition 2023
100' - 1994 - Drama - Dialogue: German, English, Romanian
Director: Michael Haneke With: Gabriel Cosmin Urdes, Lukas Miko, Otto Grünmandl
In his trilogy (Benny's Video, 71 Fragmente and Funny Games), Michael Haneke plays diabolically with the audience's expectations. But his manipulations do not ultimately bring redemption or entertainment as in a Hollywood film: on the contrary, the spectator becomes an accomplice and is left defeated and in despair.

This concluding piece of a merciless trilogy about fatal outbursts of irrational violence in contemporary Vienna is seen as the strongest film from Haneke’s early period when the Austrian slanderer made use of strong, analytical and even unrelenting style, without compromise. This time the modal Austrian whose fuse blows is a nineteen year old university student who one day begins shooting randomly in a bank, fatally injuring innocent bystanders, and then takes his own life. Haneke depictsthe last days and hours in the lives of people who were in and around the bank at the fatal moment in 71 fragments filmed with static cameras,. His mosaic of chance and contemplation about what connects a murderer and his victims is admirably restrained and compellingly constructed.

"Thanks to its awareness of how time’s very passing affects us, the film weaves a persuasively hypnotic spell, while the final news collage is a corrosive statement on how even the most extraordinary events are packaged and trivialized by the media." - Time Out Film Guide

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2c07bfee a8bf 4cd7 9615 ee81748ae075



Michael Haneke


Gabriel Cosmin Urdes, Lukas Miko, Otto Grünmandl


Michael Haneke

Director of Photography

Christian Berger


Marie Homolkova


Veit Heiduschka, Veit Heiduschka, Willi Segler

Production studios




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German, English, Romanian

Countries of production

Austria, Germany




Michael Haneke
The Seventh Continent (1989), Benny's Video (1992), 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance (1994), Lumière and Company (1995), Funny Games (1997), Code Unknown (2000), The Piano Teacher (2001), Time of the Wolf (2003), Caché (Hidden) (2005), Funny Games (2007), The White Ribbon (2009), Amour (2012), Happy End (2017)

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