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Maciej Dejczer

300 mil do nieba (300 Miles to Heaven)

Edition 2000
105' - 1989 - Drama, Biography - Dialogue: Danish, Polish
Director: Maciej Dejczer Composer: Michal Lorenc With: Wojciech Klata, Rafal Zimowski, Kama Kowalewska
The screenplay is based on the famed escape of brothers Zielinski from Poland to Sweden in 1985. Grzes, aged 12, and Jedrek, aged 15, stow away in the undercarriage of a truck train to flee poverty, but also to find freedom. Emaciated and starving, they reach the West. Harassed by the Polish consular authorities, they refuse to return to Poland. Christmas Eve is the first chance for them to talk to their parents in Poland over the telephone. Jedrek asks his mother if she wants them to stay in Denmark. His father takes over the phone and starts talking…

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D4942bc6 8ef6 45da a908 ac7281d45862



Maciej Dejczer


Michal Lorenc


Wojciech Klata, Rafal Zimowski, Kama Kowalewska


Maciej Dejczer, Cezary Harasimowicz

Director of Photography

Krzysztof Ptak


Jaroslaw Wolejko


Lise Lense-Møller

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Danish, Polish

Countries of production

Poland, Denmark, France



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