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Roland Suso Richter

14 tage lebenslänglich

Edition 1998
113' - 1997 - Thriller - Dialogue: German
Director: Roland Suso Richter Composer: Ulrich Reuter With: Kai Wiesinger, Michael Mendl, Katharina Meinecke
Konrad von Seydlitz, star lawyer and careerist, has an office with his partner Axel Häring. As a publicity gag he serves a sentence of 14 days for unpaid parking tickets. The arrogant new inmate who boasts about his social connections (the Justice Minister's daughter is his fiancée) soon makes enemies among the prisoners. He ends up in the middle of a conspiracy which brings him behind bars for another 2 years for alleged drug trafficking. Dropped by his fiancée and let down by his partner, Konrad is now a victim of the tough prison routine. He comes under fire from the boss of the inmates, Czernetzky, and the killer Ramon. The unbearably spoilt Konrad toughens up into a lone fighter and increasingly wins respect from his fellow inmates…

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Roland Suso Richter


Ulrich Reuter


Kai Wiesinger, Michael Mendl, Katharina Meinecke

Director of Photography

Martin Langer


Peter R. Adam


Werner Koenig

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