10 21 oct '23

Creative Partnerships

‘No film without film music' has been the unwritten motto of Film Fest Gent for decades. After all, it is often the creative collaborations between composers and filmmakers that lead to the most intriguing oeuvres. With Creative Partnership Film Fest Gent adds a brand-new format to the WSA Industry Days and shines the spotlight on two exceptional collaborations: on the one hand between director David Lowery and composer Daniel Hart, and on the other hand between composer Johnny Jewel, editor Nico Leunen (ACE) and director Fien Troch.

Indulge in numerous seminars, composer talks, panel discussions, concerts and masterclasses during the WSA Film Music Days. The full programme of the WSA Film Music Days will be announced on Wednesday 14 September. Ticket sales also start on that day. The WSA Film Music Days are open to the film (music) industry professionals, film students but also to the public that wants to get a glimpse of behind the scenes of the film music industry.

Daniel David

Creative Partnership: David Lowery & Daniel Hart

Fr 21.10 - 13:00 - Kinepolis

Director David Lowery and composer Daniel Hart will soon be celebrating their 15th anniversary: they worked together on Lowery's feature debut St. Nick in 2009 and became inseparable since Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013). Film and music are so intrinsically intertwined in their projects that it is impossible to imagine Lowery's work without hearing Hart's soundtrack.

Fien Johnny Nico

Creative Partnership: Johnny Jewel, Nico Leunen & Fien Troch

Fr 21.10 - 13:00 - Kinepolis

Johnny Jewel, Nico Leunen and Fien Troch will explain their various collaborations during their Creative Partnership talk at the WSA Film Music Days on Friday 21 October.

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