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International Short Film Competition

The Best International Short Film Award was first presented in 2019 and is selected by an international jury of industry professionals. Fiction, animation, documentary and anything that can be deemed an 'experiment' - all are eligible for the award which comes with a €5,000 cash prize, powered by Nationale Loterij.
Buurman Abdi

2022 - Prijs voor Beste Internationale Kortfilm
Buurman Abdi van Douwe Dijkstra (Nederland)

Special Mention
Cherries van Vytautas Katkus (Litouwen)

Internationale Kortfilmjury 2022
Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Bendt Eyckermans
Elena Lazic

Double Helix - still

2021 - Best International Short Film Award
Double Helix by Qiu Sheng (China)

Special Mention
Brutalia, Days of Labour by Manolis Mavris (Griekenland)
Love, Dad by Diana Cam Van Nguyen (Tsjechië)

International Short Film Jury 2021
Jacqueline Lentzou
Pedro Peralta
Meltse Van Coillie

20 K2482 cover

2020 - Best International Short Film Award
Perpetual Night by Pedro Peralta (Portugal)

International Short Film Jury 2020
Dorian Jespers
Eliza Petkova

19 K2317 cover

2019 - Best International Short Film Award
Community Gardens by Vytautas Katkus (Lithuania)

International Short Film Jury 2019
Amira Daoudi
Jayro Bustamante
Neil Young

Best European Short Film Award

Winner 2018 - Dark Chamber by Ottó Bánovits (Hungary, Sweden)

Winner 2017 - My Second Eye by Ahmad Saleh (Germany)

Winner 2016 - Timecode by Giménez Peña Juanjo (Spain)

Winner 2015 - Le Mur by Samuel Lampaert (Belgium)

Winner 2014 - Washingtonia by Konstantina Kotzamani (Greece)

Winner 2013 - Whale Valley by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson (Denmark, Iceland)

Winner 2012 - As Ondas (The Waves) by Miguel Fonseca (Portugal)

Winner 2011 - Demain Ça Sera Bien by Pauline Gay (France)

Winner 2010 - Berik by Daniel Joseph Borgman (Denmark, Sweden)

Winner 2009 - Amor by Thomas Wangsmo (Norway) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2008 - Zwemles by Danny De Vent (Belgium) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2007 - Raak by Hanro Smitsman (Netherlands) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2006 - Kwiz by Renaud Callebaut (Belgium) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2005 - Delivery by Till Nowak (Germany) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2004 - Little Terrorist by Ashvin Kumar (UK) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2003 - J'attendrai le suivant by Philippe Oreindy (France) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2002 - La chanson-chanson by Xavier Diskeuve (Belgium) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2001 - Muno by Bouli Lanners (Belgium) - (Prix UIP)

Winner 2000 - The Heist by Dennis Petersen & Frederik M. Nørgaard (Denmark) - (Prix UIP)

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