08 19 Oct '24
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WSA Industry Days - Part III - Film Music Seminar with Natalie Holt

Edition 2021

10:00 Film Music Seminar with Natalie Holt

Multi-award winning composer Natalie Holt is known equally for large orchestral arrangements and intimate, textural and at times experimental electro-acoustic compositions. Enriched by her experience as a classically trained violinist, Holt’s work exists in the liminal space between orchestral, electronic and contemporary. Some of Holt’s most recent significant works include Loki and Deadwater Fell (starring David Tennant). Her music can be heard on Wallander (starring Kenneth Branagh), the series Knightfall (starring Mark Hamill), and many more. She has also contributed additional music to Paul King’s Paddington. Holt’s distinction in her field was recognised by being made an Associate of the Royal Academy in 2017.

Moderated by Ruben De Gheselle.

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