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WSA Film Music Days - Score: The Podcast - Live Podcast Recording with Colin Stetson

Edition 2023

Live podcast recording with Colin Stetson, moderated by Robert Kraft.

In collaboration with Score: The Podcast

Composer and musician Colin Stetson is omnipresent at this year’s Film Fest Gent. He’s not only one of the nominees of the WSA Discovery of the Year Award, but is part of the judging panel of the festivals’ main competition and performs one of the annual Videodroom concerts. In conversation with Robert Kraft, host of the podcast Score, he discusses his engagement in the festival and shares his views on the still underestimated art of composing for the screen.

Robert Kraft - Moderator

Robert Kraft is an award-winning songwriter, film composer, recording artist and record producer. As President of Fox Music from 1994 to 2012, Kraft was the Executive in Charge of Music for more than 300 Fox feature films and TV shows, such as Titanic, Avatar, Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, Slumdog Millionaire, Family Guy, Ally McBeal, X-Files, 24, and The Simpsons. In 2013, Robert Kraft started Kraftbox Entertainment, a music and media production, management, and consulting firm, and in 2017, he produced the award-winning independent film, SCORE: A Film Music Documentary.