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The Shedding of Skin - USE KNIFE

Edition 2022 Videodroom
Use Knife is a band in which Stef Heeren, Kwinten Mordijck (both known from Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat) and Saif Al-Qaissy (Babylon Trio) go all-in on their love of analogue and modular gear. Prepare to be swept up by waves of groovy Arabic percussion and urgent vocals.

The Belgian-Iraqi trio say that through Use Knife they can explore and express their liberal vision of contemporary life. The three gents fuse Western underground music with traditional Arabic sounds to unique and harmonious effect: driving electronic beats, sequenced melodies and samples, and lively Arabic drum rhythms.

For the production of their debut album ‘The Shedding of Skin’, the trio worked together with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in My Heart, Hotel2Tango). Youniss Ahamad provides the live visuals and scenography.