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Porcelain id x 'Purple Rain'

Edition 2024 Videodroom Concerten
Film & Music
Film Fest Gent and VIERNULVIER close the festival and VIDEODROOM with a tribute to Purple Rain. This year marks exactly forty years since Prince became a global superstar with this rock & roll fable, in which he also played the lead role. Procelain id performs musical reinterpretations of the iconic soundtrack.
Saturday October
20:00 Vooruit-Theaterzaal

Purple Rain is the story of 'The Kid', who fights his way through domestic violence, romantic entanglements, and feuds with other bands. The film's soundtrack caused the most sensation at the time. An ambitious blend of R&B, funk, pop, and psychedelic guitar antics. With around 25 million copies sold, it remains one of the most successful soundtracks of all time.

Porcelain id dared to reinterpret this iconic soundtrack in their own unique way. For this, they invited Youniss Ahamad. Expect refined alternative versions of Prince's unparalleled masterpiece, from Let's Go Crazy, Darling Nicky, and When Doves Cry to the epic title track.

"Purple Rain is a colossus in pop history that we cannot surpass, and that is not our goal. The film itself is one of the strangest experiences, with a strong undertone of surrealism. That surrealism is strongly reflected in our approach. As Charlie Murphy once recalled being outplayed by Prince on the basketball court: we chose this as our playground." - Porcelain id & Youniss

About Porcelain id & Youniss
Porcelain id is the alter ego of Rwandan-born musician and aspiring poet Hubert Tuyishime (b. 1998). Known for their powerful voice and performances. Porcelain id always operates from a highly poetic and idiosyncratic writing style. For this VIDEODROOM show, they are joined by musician, producer, and visual artist Youniss, who works at the intersection of sound and visual art. Youniss recently released the album White Space on VIERNULVIER Records.