09 20 Oct '24

Nacht van de film - Joseph Plateau Prijzen

Though Belgian film industry modestly produces between 10 and 15 theatrical features every year, the Flanders International Film Festival - Ghent wants to contribute to the quality and self-confidence of Belgian filmmaking by creating professional film awards: THE JOSEPH PLATEAU AWARDS.

Joseph Plateau was a professor of physics at the Ghent University. Somewhere during the 19th century, he defined the principle of the eye's inertia, which turned out to become the basic principle of the idea of "moving images." Plateau invented the Phenakistiscope, by which the illusion of motion could be created.
By means of two ballots the Belgian film professionals determine the winners of the Joseph Plateau Awards. The awards represent a replica of Plateau's Phenakistiscope and will be distributed during the Night of Film, closing the DAY OF BELGIAN FILM on October 14th, 1995.

The nominees for the JOSEPH PLATEAU AWARDS 1994-1995 are:

- Stanny Crets (Manneken Pis)
- Julien Schoenaerts (Hey Stranger)
- Frank Vercruyssen (Manneken Pis)

- Marianne Basler (Farinelli)
- Antje De Boeck (Manneken Pis)
- Ann Petersen (Manneken Pis)

- Gerard Corbiau (Farinelli)
- Marion Hänsel (Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea)
- Frank Van Passel (Manneken Pis)

- Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
- Farinelli
- Manneken Pis

Apart from these categories, there are three special Joseph Plateau Awards:
*THE JOSEPH PLATEAU BOX OFFICE AWARD, for the best Belgian box office film of the pas year
*THE JOSEPH PLATEAU MUSIC AWARD, for a composer/ musician with an international reputation.
*THE JOSEPH PLATEAU AWARD OF HONOR, for a filmmaker with a meritorious career.

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