09 20 Oct '24

Chinese Papiersnijkunst (Chinese Paper Cuttings)

Edition 1995 Focus Taiwan
The Focus on Taiwan does not only fix our attention on Taiwanese film. Two exhibitions at the Ghent Municipal Library and at the European Figures Theater Centre focus on an age-old tradition: paper cutting. Paper cutting is a traditional art form that has developped along with Chinese history. Its origins are closely linked with the invention of paper about 105 during the Han Dynasty. Paper being very expensive, it was the exclusive hobby of the ladies of the imperial court and of the gentry. Only in the 12th century it became popular as a leisurely activity of the Chinese during harvest and folklore festivals. In the 15th century paper cutting became a part of Chinese culture. The Taiwanese Early Chin has been living in Belgium for ten years. She has a "Paper Museum" in Kessel-Lo. Already as a child she was totally devoted to the art of paper cutting. Her museum has the paper cutting of Chang Kai-Cheks mausoleum as logo and is dedicated to Cai Lun, the Chinese inventor of paper. Especially for the Focus on Taiwan Early Chin exhibits a number of her works at the Public Municipal Library (Graaf van Vlaanderen Ghent, open every Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm) and at the European Figures Theater Centre (Trommelstraat - Ghent). The exhibited works at the Figures Theatre Centre consists of traditional paper opera masks.

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