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Artificial Intelligence: A Tool or a Threat?

Edition 2023
Serial Day continues with a panel discussion on the pros and cons of AI on screenwriting and acting.

Two panel discussions dedicated to the groundbreaking rise of AI in the film and television industry. Both panels are moderated by Ben Van Alboom. The day concludes with the announcement of the two Streamz Academy finalists (who are one step closer to writing their own high-end thriller series) and the Visser-Neerlandia Prize (for the best yet-to-be-produced screenplay). In 2018, Lilian Sijbesma won the Visser-Neerlandia Prize for the screenplay of Onder de blote hemel which is now premiering at Film Fest Gent.


14:30 Screening Ondergronds with Q&A with the director Lore Loyens and leading actress Violet Braeckman

14:50 Panel The Artificial Screenwriter

Bram Renders
Bram Renders started his career as a screenwriter 25 years ago with the successful series W817. He contributed to various series for all Flemish TV channels and founded the Scenaristengilde (Screenwriters Guild) in 2003, the professional and advocacy association for screenwriters in Flanders. After a stint as a creative producer at Eyeworks, where he worked on projects like Jes! and wrote the feature film Los, he immersed himself once again in writing screenplays. He co-wrote Patser, adapted the online series SKAM into the successful cross-media series wtFOCK, and developed the groundbreaking Streamz Original series 2dezit. In addition to his writing work, he also advocates for the rights of audiovisual creators as a board member at SABAM, gives guest lectures and workshops, and closely follows new media trends.

Deevid De Meyer

Deevid De Meyer started as a Python programmer and later founded Brainjar, an AI/Deep Learning 'as-a-service' company. Currently, he works as a technology strategist for Unmute You, a creative marketing agency specializing in IT companies. Deevid translates the technical capabilities of clients into compelling stories that resonate with their target audience. Deevid enjoys bridging the gap between business questions and technical solutions, which has led to more than 100 inspirational sessions, workshops, and even an appearance as an AI expert on Belgian national television. But Deevid believes that AI is just a piece of the puzzle. Companies are inundated with technology, and it's challenging to objectively prioritize when every expert is trying to sell you something. From cloud to quantum computing, Deevid provides companies with independent guidance through the increasingly dense forest of technology. Through inspirational sessions or interactive workshops, Deevid helps companies understand where, why, and when technologies will truly (not) make a difference.

Cécile Despringre

Secretary General of the Society of Audiovisual authors (SAA)
Cécile Despringre studied International and European Law at the University of Paris I and holds a master's degree in International Economic Law. After a traineeship at the Delegation of the European Commission in Geneva, she entered SACD as their European Affairs Officer in 1997 in Brussels. In 2001, she was promoted Deputy Director for European Affairs and Trade Negotiations and worked in Paris. In 2006-09, Cécile was FERA CEO based in Brussels, before being offered to set up and manage the SAA in 2010, the home for European collective management organisations of audiovisual authors in Brussels. The SAA gathers 33 collective management organisations in 25 countries and promotes a high level of protection of European screenwriters and directors and the collective management of their authors’ rights. Since March 2020, Cécile is also the President of the board of directors of Cineuropa.

Lore Loyens

Lore Loyens studies to be a film director at KASK in Ghent. When she got stuck writing her graduation film, she decided to turn to ChatGPT. She had the chatbot write a scenario and filmed it with a small cast and crew. The result, the film Underground, should not immediately make screenwriters fear for their job, but it does make one think.

This panel is in collaboration with Sabam For Culture, deAuteurs, and the Scenaristengilde.

16:15 Panel The Artificial Actor

Liesbeth De Wolf

Liesbeth De Wolf is a versatile artist who discovered her passion for music at a young age. With a background in violin and singing, she obtained her Music diploma in 2006. She has worked on animated series, provided voice work for various TV channels, and has experience as a voice director for dubbing projects since 2015. As an actress, she was nominated for "emerging talent" at the 2009 musical awards and has played various roles, including Wiske in the musical De Circusbaron. Additionally, she performs as a singer, and Liesbeth is one of the directors of Disney and Pixar films. A few years ago, Liesbeth raised concerns about the Dutchification (Dutch-Dutch) of dubbed series.

Deevid De Meyer

See information above.

Darya Gantura

Darya Gantura, born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, moved to Belgium at the age of 14 and studied drama at KASK in Ghent. She is a Flemish actress known for TV series, including Goesting, Zuidflank, Cordon, and Ella. In 2021, she played the lead role in the film Red Sandra directed by Jan Verheyen, based on the true story of the Massart family.

Alain Van Goethem

Belgian actor Alain Van Goethem began his acting career in 1989 with a role in the TV series Meester, hij begint weer! He received training at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in London and Los Angeles from 1992 to 1994. Later, he played leading roles, notably as Matthias Jesus Borges in Dagen, maanden, jaren (1996) and as Nico Fazzi in the film Kassablanka (2002). Alain has been a member of the Board of Directors at Playright since September 2016 and a member of the Executive Committee at Playright, serving as Vice-Chair for Dramatic Arts and Dance since 2017. Additionally, he is a talent agent and the General Manager of Lucky Star International Talent Agency, founded in April 2019, representing actors worldwide.

Nathalie Stas

Nathalie Stas is a prominent figure in the Belgian art world. She has excelled as an actress, director, songwriter, and singer, leaving her mark on theater, cinema, and music. As a graduate of the Brussels Conservatory, she has portrayed iconic roles in productions such as Dom Juan and The Perfumed Garden. Her creative influence extends to musicals like Célia Fée and Jesus Christ Superstar. Nathalie has also lent her voice to roles in renowned films and animated series (French version), including Missy Armitage in Get Out (2017), the voice of Applejack in My Little Pony (2013-2017), and Gamatatsu in Naruto (2006-2017). In addition to her acting talent, she has directed notable productions such as Piano Plage. Nathalie's commitment to artistic expression is further highlighted by her coordination of events like the Zinneke Parade in 2010. Nathalie Stas was a trade union activist for 25 years and played a key role in the development of the Collective Agreement for French-language Dubbing in Belgium. Nathalie is one of the founding members of Belva, just like Liesbeth De Wolf, and represents Belgium in the Executive Committee of the UVA.

This talk is in collaboration with PlayRright+.

17:30 Announcement Visser Neerlandia Prize & Streamz Academy finalists.

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