16e Nacht van de Film, de Nacht van Cinema Musica

Edition 2000
Though the Belgian film industry modestly produces between 10 and 15 theatrical features every year, the Flanders International Film Festival-Ghent wants to contribute to the quality and self-confidence of Belgian filmmaking by creating professional film awards : The Joseph Plateau Awards.

By means of two ballots the Belgian film professionals determine the winners of the Joseph Plateau Awards. The awards represent a replica of Plateau's Phenakistiscope and will be distributed during the Night of Film.

This 16th Night of Film, which takes place on October 17th, has been renamed «The Night of Cinema Musica ». The presentation of the Joseph Plateau awards will be combined with a concert of Flemish film music soloists. They will play themes from famous police films.

This year SABAM will distribute a special award to a Belgian composer.

The nominees for the JOSEPH PLATEAU AWARDS 1999-2000 are:

Rosetta (Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne)
Iedereen Beroemd (Dominique Deruddere)
Une Liaison Pornographique (Fréderique Fonteyne)

Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne (Rosetta)
Dominique Deruddere (Iedereen Beroemd)
Fréderique Fonteyne (Une Liaison Pornographique)

Emilie Duquenne (Rosetta)
Eva Van der Gucht (Iedereen Beroemd)
Antje De Boeck (A Dog of Flanders)

Josse De Pauw (Iedereen Beroemd)
Peter Van Den Begin (Film 1)
Olivier Gourmet (Rosetta)

The Night of Cinema Musica is a co-production with Radio 1 ‘De Melkweg’, Universal Music and the Vlaams Radio Orkest.