09 20 Oct '24

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Logan Nelson - Sabam Award

Sabam For Culture

Sabam for Culture supports the music programme for FFG professionals with, among other things, the matchmaking initiatives of the World Soundtrack Awards. Third Character for instance, is a project that connects directors and producers with composers. Moreover, Sabam for Culture is also the proud sponsor of one of our World Soundtrack Awards: the Sabam Award for Best Original Composition by a Young Composer.

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LNNN 0134


The promotion of film culture is what Film Fest Ghent stands for. ING offers a helping hand by inviting its relations to events and screenings at every edition.

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Volvo, FFG 2020


As the official fleet partner of the festival, Volvo shares with FFG the Ghent and international aspect as well as the care for sustainability, quality and safety. A part of the cars in which the guests are transported, are manufactured in Ghent.

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