08 19 Oct '24

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Joseph Plateau


Joseph Plateau, designer of the phenakistoscope with which he laid the foundation for the art of film, binds Film Fest Ghent and UGent. The professor of physics at the University of Ghent (appointed in 1835), lends his name to our Special Joseph Plateau Honorary Award, the oeuvre prize which Film Fest Ghent annually presents to festival guests who offered a special contribution to the art of filmmaking. Today, FFG collaborates with the university for the translation of non-distributed films (Translators/Interpreters course), for the UGent Morning sessions and the Science café. Every year, there is an avant-première for UGent Alumni.

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Kaskcinema, FFG2019


KASK & Conservatorium, the school of arts of HOGENT, is one of the main locations of Film Fest Ghent. KASK & Conservatorium does not only house a film course, but also has its own cinema at its disposal. KASKcinema at the Bijlokesite wants to offer students, but also all other film lovers, a programme that is rarely seen in the regular circuit.

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