09 20 Oct '24

In beeld 2023

29 Feb 2024

Rode loper: Holly

Q&A Holly

Kidsproof Gala & Robot Dreams

Schoolvoorstellingen: Onafscheidelijke duo's & Rosa, de kleine bloemenfee

FFG Talkies met Fien Troch

Première Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano

Première Slow

Première She They Us

Première Rock Hudson: All that Heaven Allowed

Première The Breaking Ice

VIDEODROOM: Wiegedood x A Page of Madness

Q&A Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano

FFG Talkies: Juanita Onzaga

Generations on Tour


Q&A Robot Dreams

Late Night with the Devil


The Stones and Brian Jones

VIDEODROOM: Whispering Sons x Balm (After Violence)

Culture Club

FFG Talkies: Belgian Animation Shorts


Sectordag VAF

Streamz Academy

Drawing Lots


Camping du lac

International Shorts

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