09 20 Oct '24

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24th World Soundtrack Awards Ceremony & Concert

On Wednesday 16 October, Film Fest Gent is bringing the international film music scene together at Muziekcentrum De Bijloke for the 24th World Soundtrack Awards.


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The Best Man

Franklin J. Schaffner
Political machinations, blackmail and machinations of all kinds in the battle between two Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination. The media circus of a convention cynically observed by writer-screenwriter Gore Vidal.
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Blow Out

Brian De Palma
In this political thriller about the cover-up of the assassination of a governor, De Palma uses the material essence of film (the merging of image and sound) to solve the murder mystery, thus creating a mix between Antonioni's Blow Up and Coppola's The Conversation.


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Stanley Kubrick's unrivalled, pitch-black Doomsday comedy in which politicians and the military fist-fight in the War Room as we head straight for nuclear catastrophe. Featuring Peter Sellers in three memorable roles.


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Fail Safe

Sidney Lumet
Pretty much the same doomsday scenario as Kubrick's Dr.Strangelove, but this time served up with a straight face. Henry Fonda is the US president who makes the ultimate sacrifice when his fumbling military top sends nukes towards Moscow.


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James Horner Tribute Concert

Everyone remembers the moment when Jack and Rose share a moment at the prow of the Titanic, or when Jake Sully first lands on Pandora in Avatar. Thanks to the music of the late James Horner, these iconic moments are etched in our memories. To celebrate the life and work of this ...


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The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

John Frankenheimer
While we are under the spell of a haunting thriller about the Cold War and brainwashing, we are in fact being fed the most sophisticated political satire in American cinema.
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In this second version of Richard Condon's provocative thriller, the danger no longer comes from the communists, but from the power of big business in Bush and Dick Cheney's America.


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Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone's associative biopic about the least loved of all US presidents presents a surprisingly nuanced and empathetic portrait of Tricky Dicky, with a magisterial Anthony Hopkins as a quasi Shakespearian villain.


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On the Beach

Stanley Kramer
Yes, there is still (a little) life left after the Bomb in Stanley Kramer's sober and understated warning of the consequences of nuclear war. On the Australian coast, a couple of Hollywood stars face the prospect that their days are numbered.


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The Parallax View

Alan J. Pakula
Perhaps the best paranoid thriller of the seventies. Hollywood liberal Warren Beatty as the second-rate reporter who tracks down a conspiratorial organisation for political assassinations in a world where nothing is what it seems.


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Warren Beatty
US studio Paramount takes a hard turn to the radical left with Warren Beatty's intimist epic about a love story set against the backdrop of American communism and the Russian October Revolution.


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Seven Days in May

John Frankenheimer
John Frankenheimer's efficient, resolute dissection of a military coup in God's Own America. Burt Lancaster is the determined fanatical leader of the coup, Kirk Douglas a colonel who discovers and must uncover the conspiracy.
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Starship Troopers

Paul Verhoeven
In a totalitarian future America, young model citizens are being groomed for life-and-death battles with insect monsters. For Paul Verhoeven, the perfect excuse to lash out at the patriotic and warmongering excesses of his new homeland.


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Thirteen Days

Roger Donaldson
Everything you wanted to know about the most terrifying period in modern history: the 13-day Cuban missile crisis that dragged the US and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war.
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Three Days of the Condor

Sydney Pollack
Sidney Pollack opens up about the CIA's inner-workings. Robert Redford is our guide in a maze of surveillance, double-crossing and internal settlements.


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Winter Kills

William Richert
The most wacky conspiracy thriller surrounding the assassination of JFK, with the all-powerful father figure as the absolute villain. This cult film by William Richert remained on the shelf for a long time and was only later rediscovered as an indispensable, radical contribution ...

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