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In her tender debut, a powerful ode to a label-free identity reminiscent of the work of Céline Sciamma, Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren draws a portrait of childhood and family as both a blessing and a curse.


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All of Us Strangers

Andrew Haigh
Sophisticated ghost stories, they do exist. Following A Ghost Story, melancholic souls can get what their hearts desire with All of Us Strangers. British filmmaker Andrew Haigh knows how to simultaneously surprise and captivate with this restrained but sometimes steamy romance ...
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With All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White, Nigerian filmmaker Babatunde Apalowo delivers glowing, independent queer cinema. His moving feature debut deliberately resists cruelty and taboos.
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Jawad Rhalib
A brilliant performance by Lubna Azabal (which is a pleonasm!) is the foundation on which Amal rests. A remarkable Belgian film by the tireless Jawad Rhalib.


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Bertrand Mandico
Confuse and conquer, that's the motto of director Bertrand Mandico, the French Sun King of artistic madness. In Conann, the fantasy legend of Conan the Barbarian mutates into a six-headed monster-trip.


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Eduardo Williams' film, as experimental as it is spectacular, is a transcendental experience that connects young people in Peru, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.


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Joan Baez: I Am a Noise

Karen O’Connor, Miri Navasky, Maeve O’Boyle
Without Joan Baez Bob Dylan's career would've looked completely different. With this documentary, the folk singer, an icon of counterculture in the sixties and once upon a time extremely popular, gets the tribute she so rightfully deserves.


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A revealing documentary about one of the kings of rock & roll, Little Richard. He considered his homosexuality alternately as a badge of honour and a burden.


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In 1928, Virginia Woolf wrote Orlando, the first novel in which the main character changes sex in the middle of the story. A century later, trans writer and activist Paul B. Preciado decides to send afilm letter to Virginia Woolf: her Orlando has come out of her fiction and is ...


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Georden West
A raucous work of queer fantasy and history, Playland conjures a time-bending night in Boston's oldest and most notorious gay bar.
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Un prince

Pierre Creton
A fascinating film poem by the unparalleled French filmmaker Pierre Creton.


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The portrait Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed sheds light on the life of AIDS-stricken Hollywood adonis Rock Hudson between spotlight, screen and shadow. A relevant and respectful tribute to a late gay icon.


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Marija Kavtaradze
When dancer Elena and sign language interpreter Dovydas meet, a bond is formed that will change them forever. The beginning of their relationship involves a tender search for their own kind of intimacy that challenges every stereotype.
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In the darkness of the sauna, women share their most intimate secrets. The drops of sweat that glide off their bodies, take away their shame and while they rinse off their stories from the past they regain a sense of community that strengthens them for the outside world.


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Le temps d'aimer (Along Came Love)

Katell Quillévéré
For Le temps d'aimer, French filmmaker drew inspiration from her grandmother's gripping story. A post-war chronicle of passion, sacrifice and survival.
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three sparks

Naomi Uman
Indebted to ethnographic cinema, Naomi Umans three sparks observes life in Albania, from its traditional rules of behaviour and idiosyncratic cultural specificities to the individuals who maintain or challenge them.

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