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Programme edition 2023

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100 Years of Disney Animation - A Shorts Celebration (4+)

The Walt Disney Company celebrates its centenary this year and that calls for a birthday party for young and old! Dive into the vault of the world-famous dream factory for a unique selection of films from a century of animation magic.


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In her tender debut, a powerful ode to a label-free identity reminiscent of the work of Céline Sciamma, Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren draws a portrait of childhood and family as both a blessing and a curse.


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In his trilogy (Benny's Video, 71 Fragmente and Funny Games), Michael Haneke plays diabolically with the audience's expectations. But his manipulations do not ultimately bring redemption or entertainment as in a Hollywood film: on the contrary, the spectator becomes an ...


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About Dry Grasses

Nuri Bilge Ceylan
In a landscape as whimsical as its people, Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan puts a spiritually and morally empty teacher - who would love to leave Anatolia behind him rather sooner than later - front and centre. Ceylan's work continues to fascinate with nihilistic men passing ...
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The Actricity Machines

Mattijs Driesen
This short film is part of Competition for International Shorts 2.
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The Adjuster

Atom Egoyan
The Adjuster is a captivating and mysterious film directed by Atom Egoyan, offering a unique perspective on the life of an insurance adjuster and the complexities of human relationships.
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Alice's Wonderland

Walt Disney, Carman Maxwell, Hugh Harman
This film is part of 100 Years of Disney Animation - A Shorts Celebration.
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In All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, an African-American woman from Mississippi moves gently through a poetic mosaic of memories Raven Jackson's feature-length debut is like a rough diamond refracting light in soft colours.
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All of Us Strangers

Andrew Haigh
Sophisticated ghost stories, they do exist. Following A Ghost Story, melancholic souls can get what their hearts desire with All of Us Strangers. British filmmaker Andrew Haigh knows how to simultaneously surprise and captivate with this restrained but sometimes steamy romance ...
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With All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White, Nigerian filmmaker Babatunde Apalowo delivers glowing, independent queer cinema. His moving feature debut deliberately resists cruelty and taboos.
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Alpha Kings

Enrique Pedráza Botero, Faye Tsakas
This short film is part of Competition for International Shorts 3.
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Jawad Rhalib
A brilliant performance by Lubna Azabal (which is a pleonasm!) is the foundation on which Amal rests. A remarkable Belgian film by the tireless Jawad Rhalib.
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And the King Said, What a Fantastic Machine

Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck
"That fantastic device," dixit King Edward VII, "is the film camera". But this Swedish documentary shows that not every image is reality. A story about cunning manipulation and observant viewers.
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Anselm (3D)

Wim Wenders
Wim Wenders delves into the life and work of Anselm Kiefer: a radical dissection of an extraordinary artist. In 3D, to do even better justice to Kiefer's art.Anselm will be screened in 3D. You can buy 3D glasses when reserving your tickets.
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Art College 1994

Liu Jian
Painter-filmmaker Liu Jian drew from his own past for this meandering snapshot of the uncertain times as an art student in 1990s China. Meet a group of delightfully pretentious students, their lives, their dreams, their love for Nirvana and Marcel Duchamp, and their ...
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David Depesseville
Wolf child becomes black sheep in this thorny feature debut. A naturalistic character study that exposes the uneasy growing pains and tensions between a taciturn orphan boy and his adoptive family in the French countryside.
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Augure (Omen)

In Baloji's mesmerising feature-length debut we follow so-called 'devil children' who, banned from their social circles, engage in a fiery battle to throw off that hellish label.


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Beautiful Men

Nicolas Keppens
This short film is part of Competition for International Shorts 3.
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Belgian Animation Shorts

A short film programme celebrating the eclectic power of Belgian animation, including work by Emma De Swaef & Marc Roels, Nienke Deutz and others.
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Elene Navariani's acclaimed third feature follows, with unusual lightness and humorous detachment, of a woman who looks fearlessly into the ageing face of love and mortality.
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American electroacoustic composer Claire Rousay provides a live soundtrack for the animated film The Bloody Lady (1980, Viktor Kubal), made in former Czechoslovakia. The evening kicks off with Kubal's short films The Idol and Cinema, each with a new soundtrack provided by the ...
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The Boy and the Heron

Hayao Miyazaki
Whether it's his definitive adieu or not, Miyazaki's The Boy and the Heron is nothing short of a masterful depiction of everything that drives the filmmaker. A semi-autobiographical fantasy that explores life, death, and creation.
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In the eerie snowy landscape between North Korea and China, an endearing Gen Z throuple wards off existential unrest with melancholic love and a spontaneous road trip.
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Bright Star

Jane Campion
Ben Whishaw has the perfect physicality to incarnate the delicate poet John Keats, who only found recognition after his death and was called "the greatest nineteenth-century poet" by Tennyson. Australian Abbie Cornish, at once vulnerable and unflappable in her obsession with the ...
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"Yang brings a melancholy tenderness to his recollections, filming intricately staged action in long takes of a rueful, contemplative reserve and bringing the past to life by way of closely observed objects - an American tape recorder, a radio from China, a Japanese sword, a ...


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Camping du lac

Éléonore Saintagnan
Paris-born Brussels-based filmmaker Eléonore Saintagnan docks at a small campsite with a miraculously big story in Camping du lac. Beautifully documented, brightly fictionalised and awarded at the Locarno Film Festival.
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Victor Erice, director of The Spirit of the Beehive, makes a triumphant comeback after more than three decades with Cerrar los ojos, telling a story about a filmmaker trying to solve a mystery from the past.
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Chambre 999 (Room 999)

Lubna Playoust
Asghar Farhadi, Claire Denis, James Gray, and Baz Luhrmann are just a few of the thirty directors featured in the playful documentary Chambre 999, as they explore the future of cinematic art. It alternates between deep pessimism and hopeful messages.
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Walt Disney
This film is part of 100 Years of Disney Animation - A Shorts Celebration.
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Clock Cleaners

Ben Sharpsteen
This film is part of 100 Years of Disney Animation - A Shorts Celebration.
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Competition Belgian Student Shorts 2023

The Competition for Belgian Student Shorts is exclusively held for all students from accredited film schools in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. The International Short Film Jury rewards the best entry with the Award for Best Belgian Student Short, a prize worth €5.000 - ...
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Bertrand Mandico
Confuse and conquer, that's the motto of director Bertrand Mandico, the French Sun King of artistic madness. In Conann, the fantasy legend of Conan the Barbarian mutates into a six-headed monster-trip.

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