09 20 Oct '24

Programme edition 2023

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Artificial Intelligence: A Tool or a Threat?

Serial Day continues with a panel discussion on the pros and cons of AI on screenwriting and acting.


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City Dudes

Director-cinematographer Sean Price Williams and film critic Nick Pinkerton surprise you with a "blindfolded" film screening.
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Closing Party Film Fest Gent x VIDEODROOM

The epic closing party of the 50th anniversary edition of Film Fest Gent, in collaboration with VIDEODROOM. The GHOST collective provides a party entirely dedicated to Twin Peaks.


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Dag van de leerkracht 2023

On Monday, 16 October, Film Fest Gent and JEF invite you to an inspiration day entirely dedicated to media education. This day offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge and good practices for creatively using film in education, with a focus on enhancing media and film-related ...


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Film Fest Gent Talkies

At the festival you can enjoy our talkshow Film Fest Gent Talkies in the Film Fest Café. Talks are in Dutch, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


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Generations On Tour

Young and old go to the film Das Lehrerzimmer together and enjoy a chat and drink in the Film Fest Café afterwards.


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Sectordag VAF @ FFG

On Friday, October 13th, the Flemish Minister of Culture, the Flemish Minister of Media, the Department of Culture, Youth, and Media, and the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF), in collaboration with Film Fest Gent, are organizing a sector day for the Flemish audiovisual industry.
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Serial Day

Series enthusiasts will also find plenty to enjoy at Film Fest Gent.


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Taalcafé Mundial

Amal and Taalcafé Mundial invite you at the Film Fest Café for a special night. After the screening of Ken Loach's moving drama The Old Oak you can take a seat at one of the many language tables in the Film Fest Café for a casual conversation in the language you want to practice.
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The Anti-Manual Scenario

Roundtable on the screenplay and alternative forms of writing for film. In collaboration with Art Cinema OFFoff.


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Wetenschapscafé: Eetstoornissen (in samenwerking met AUGent)

During this special edition of the Science Café, Prof. Caroline Braet (UGent) and Zoya Barbier (HOGENT) will engage in a conversation about eating disorders, both in children and adults.
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WSA Film Music Days - Capacity Triangle Panel: Streamers in Europe: The Myths and The Legends

For the past few years some of the most foremost American streaming services have been trying to reconnect with local European television, film and music industries. Since the success of the Spanish spoken, Oscar winning film Roma, Netflix has pursued its ambition to create ...
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WSA Film Music Days - Composer's Talk: Borislav Slavov

During a Composer's Talk, we like to give one composer the time and space to talk extensively about their oeuvre. Composer's Talks are moderated by fellow composers.
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WSA Film Music Days - Composer's Talk: Stephanie Economou

During a Composer's Talk, we like to give one composer the time and space to talk extensively about their oeuvre. Composer's Talks are moderated by fellow composers.
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WSA Film Music Days - Creative Partnership: Ryûsuke Hamaguchi and Eiko Ishibashi

The creative collaborations between composers and filmmakers regularly lead to the most intriguing oeuvres. With Creative Partnerships, we shine the spotlight on exceptional collaborations between director and composer.
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WSA Film Music Days - Join the conversation. Change the game.

Two panel discussions on the past, present and future of music composition for interactive media, in collaboration with EA Music.
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WSA Film Music Days - Music Supervisors: Gatekeepers or Opportunity Makers?

Music supervisors oversee all musical elements of an audiovisual production. In close collaboration with directors and producers, they determine what kind of score and/or soundtrack completes the film, series or video game and consequently engage composers. So, how do they find ...
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WSA Film Music Days - Score: The Podcast - Live Podcast Recording with Colin Stetson

Live podcast recording with Colin Stetson, moderated by Robert Kraft.In collaboration with Score: The Podcast
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WSA Film Music Days - Student Matchmaking

Are you a film student, a (film) music student or a game development student and would you like to join us in October 2023? You can register for the matchmaking session here.
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WSA Film Music Days - WSA Meet & Greet (nominees & guests)

During the WSA Meet & Greet, the World Soundtrack Awards nominees and WSA special guests are present for a Meet & Greet with their fans.
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WSA Film Music Days - WSA Nominees Round Table: Game Music Award

The 2023 World Soundtrack Award nominees for the WSA Game Music Award sat down together for a conversation.
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WSA Film Music Days - WSA Nominees Round Tables

The 2023 World Soundtrack Award Nominees sat down together for a conversation.

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