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Programme edition 2023

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23rd World Soundtracks Award Ceremony & Concert

On 21 October 2023, the international film music scene gathered in Ghent for the 23rd edition of the World Soundtrack Awards, the prestigious film music prizes of Film Fest Gent.


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Claire Rousay x "The Bloody Lady"

American electroacoustic composer Claire Rousay provided a live soundtrack for the animated film The Bloody Lady (1980, Viktor Kubal), made in former Czechoslovakia. The evening kicked off with Kubal's short films The Idol and Cinema, each with a new soundtrack provided by the ...
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Colin Stetson Soundtracks

VIDEODROOM was happy to welcome Canadian-American saxophonist, multi-reedist and composer Colin Stetson for an exclusive live performance. Known for his virtuosic and innovative use of circular breathing and assertive, powerful performances, Stetson has been on the forefront of ...


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Naima Joris - O

During VIDEODROOM, singer-songwriter Naima Joris played an improvisational set to images of microscopic plankton by Dutch filmmaker-photographer Jan van IJken.


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PRESS PLAY: Music in Games

Welcome to the world of game music! The concert PRESS PLAY: Music in Games on 19 October will bring music composed for video games to life. None other than Austin Wintory - known for his scores for the unique and award-winning games Journey and Abzû - will be the host of the ...


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Sarah Davachi x Portrait of a Young Man In Three Movements

As part of VIDEODROOM, the meditative avant-garde masterpiece Portrait of a Young Man (In Three Movements) was accompanied by a live soundtrack by the Canadian sound artist Sarah Davachi.


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Tsar B & Dijf Sanders - play the music of 'Twin Peaks'

This year it's Tsar B who had the honours of wrapping up VIDEODROOM. Together with multi-instrumentalist Dijf Sanders, she presented a quirky homage to Angelo Badalamenti (1937-2022), the composer of the legendary Twin Peaks soundtrack and a role model of hers. Badalamenti's ...


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Whispering Sons x Balm (After Violence)

Post-punk five-piece Whispering Sons ease up on the accelerator a little, teaming up with Brussels filmmaker Heleen Declercq to put on an intimate performance in which image, music and light blend together seamlessly.
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Wiegedood x 'A Page of Madness'

VIDEODROOM 2023 opened with a bang: a unique film project by Belgian black metal band Wiegedood. The trio - Levy Seynaeve (vocals, guitar), Wim Coppers (drums) and Gilles Demolder (guitar) - is internationally known for their rabid music and have a rock-solid live reputation. On ...

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