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A reappraisal of the forgotten Iranian writer and director Ebrahim Golestan, and a tribute to film legend Jean-Luc Godard: À vendredi, Robinson celebrates two artistic masters.


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Body Parts

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan
Sex and nude scenes are commodities in Hollywood, and that has a significant influence on the audience. The spine-chilling documentary Body Parts offers a disconcerting look behind the scenes of the American film industry.


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Casa Susanna

Sébastien Lifshitz
After Bambi and Petite fille (Grand Prix for Best Film in 2020), director Sébastien Lifshitz sends another moving message from the trans community. This time he digs up a fairly unknown American history.


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De humani corporis fabrica

Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Verena Paravel
Anthropologist-filmmakers Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor explore the human body in their high-tech update of anatomy study De Humani Corporis Fabrica. A visually striking blend of documentary and science fiction.
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Dreaming Walls: Inside the Chelsea Hotel

Amélie van Elmbt, Maya Duverdier
Just before the iconic Chelsea Hotel gets a thorough facelift, documentary makers Maya Duverdier and Amélie van Elmbt delve into the past of this symbol of sixties counterculture.


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Ruben Desiere
With Echo Ruben Desiere offers a surprising glimpse into the training of Belgian soldiers, who are subjected to almost theatrical role-plays and the authority of an amiable commander.
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Exposing Muybridge

Marc Shaffer
Do a horse's four legs come off the ground together during a gallop? How the demand for such a fait divers paved the way for the rise of cinema in the 19th century is shown in Exposing Muybridge.


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An illuminating ode to film archives that highlights the importance of preserving every last bit of film.


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In Gigi la legge, Alessandro Comodin shadows a cop to map a seemingly idyllic Italian rural village.
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No one breathed cinema more than Jean-Luc Godard. More so: whatever the subject of his films, in the end they were all about cinema. An illuminating portrait of the greatest living director.


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How to Save a Dead Friend

Marusya Syroechkovskaya
A gut-punch of a documentary about the past years in Putin's Russia, a country that has seemingly given up on its youth. A heartbreaking debut.


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Jane Campion, la femme cinéma

Julie Bertuccelli
Jane Campion (The Piano, The Power of the Dog) breathes cinema. This and more becomes clear in this wonderful documentary that digs to the heart of her work.


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Everything you always wanted to know about Karlheinz Stockhausen, but never dared to ask: an examination of the life and work of the groundbreaking composer and pedagogue, using his opera cycle Licht as a guideline.
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Loving Highsmith

Eva Vitija
Loving Highsmith lovingly leads you through Patricia Highsmith's long-hidden relationships, her (double) life and most famous work. A personal portrait of the successful author who found in writing a substitute for the life she could not lead.
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Alexandre O. Philippe
Film Fest Gent faithful Alexandre O. Philippe (The Taking, Memory - The Origins of Alien) surprises yet again, with a revealing documentary about the parallels between The Wizard of Oz and the universe of David Lynch.


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Mark Cousins exposes all the lies about the March on Rome in this critical and ambitious documentary.
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Matter Out of Place

Nikolaus Geyrhalter
In his documentary Matter Out of Place, Nikolaus Geyrhalter charts the destruction caused by trash around the world.
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Music for Black Pigeons

Jørgen Leth, Andreas Koefoed
A documentary that forces jazz musicians to look into their own hearts to find the meaning of making music. With beautiful music, of course, which is sometimes even born before our eyes.


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Nothing Compares

Kathryn Ferguson
A documentary about the time Sinéad O'Connor was in the limelight. Not a hagiography, but an honest and raw look back at a glorious and precarious period.


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The Real Charlie Chaplin

Peter Middelton, James Spinney
Everything you always wanted to know about Charles Chaplin but were too afraid to ask. It's all told in a most exciting way in this revealing documentary.
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Rewind & Play

Alain Gomis
French-Senegalese director Alain Gomis is venturing into documentary filmmaking for the first time. Rewind & Play shows Thelonious Monk and the way he was treated in the 1960s in France. Extremely enlightening cinema.


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Sirens (سايرنز)

Rita Baghdadi
Sirens has been piling up awards since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The film tells the story of the Lebanese trash metal band Slave To Sirens, which consists exclusively of women.
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The birth of reggae is inextricably linked to Studio 17 in Kingston. This docu takes us back to the early days. A chunk of colourful music history.


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Twee mannen (Two Men)

Suzanne Raes
"I want to make the best theatre in the world. That is my ambition. And that is what Jan wants too." A portrait of Ivo Van Hove, internationally the most highly regarded stage director of the Low Countries. And of his partner in love and work, scenographer Jan Versweyveld.


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This short film is part of Competition for Belgian Student Shorts.


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"Whenever I start on something new, I feel like a rookie, as if all these years have taught me nothing." This documentary explores both the heart and the mind of composer Walter Hus.Dutch dialogue is not subtitled.

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