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AIF Sandra Lahire - 1

A compilation of short films in the context of Artist in Focus Sandra Lahire / Courtisane festival.
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AIF Sandra Lahire - 2

A compilation of short films in the context of Artist in Focus Sandra Lahire / Courtisane festival.
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AIF Sandra Lahire - 3

A compilation of short films in the context of Artist in Focus Sandra Lahire / Courtisane festival.
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AIF Sandra Lahire - 4

A compilation of short films in the context of Artist in Focus Sandra Lahire / Courtisane festival.
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AIF Sandra Lahire - 5

A compilation of short films in the context of Artist in Focus Sandra Lahire / Courtisane festival.
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Sandra Lahire
Arrows uses a combination of live action and rostrum work to communicate the experience of anorexia and to analyse the cultural causes of the condition.


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A Cold Draft

Lis Rhodes
What is most provocative about this film is that it proposes multiple credible points of view even as the woman is being certified insane by the ‘Censors’. We voyage into the skull of a woman and peer out to a monumentally static cold waste wit planetary slow motion. It is a ...


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Double Labyrinthe

Maria Klonaris, Katerina Thomadaki
An intercorporeal study in two parts, carried out entirely by two women in search of their own mental structures, their own poetics, their own language. One films the other.


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Sandra Lahire
This short, named after Sylvia Plath’s last poem, is about the woman who is a daughter; icy, perfected and petrified for the patriarchy. She is also a mother drawing her two children with her into this death-in-life. Edge is the irony, which is the poet’s defiance.
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Sandra Lahire
A magical film loop, combining a Berlin Lesbian decadence with falling in love in a cablecar, high above the slopes of Mount Pilatus. Inspired by German expressionist filmmaking, with in-camera dissolves. (Sandra Lahire)


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Jeanette Iljon
Focii not only explores the construction of self, and the dynamics of self and other, but also the interaction between the viewer’s body and the body onscreen, raising questions on the nature of identification in cinema.


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Johnny Panic

Sandra Lahire
Articulated through dreams, Johnny Panic darts between recollections of familial trauma and the prosecution of the Rosenberg’s in Cold War-era New York to unleash a vision of dread, and a resounding dignity in spite of it.


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Lady Lazarus

Sandra Lahire
Sylvia Plath introduced her Lady Lazarus reading by saying: "The speaker is a woman who has a great and terrible gift of being reborn. The only trouble is, she has to die first. She is the phoenix... She is also just a good plain resourceful woman." In this film Lady Lazarus is ...


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Night Dances

Sandra Lahire
An overlaying of light and dark imagery accompanied by a piano creates a visual dance that invites the viewer to meditate on the dualities of darkness and brightness, on love, illness, life, and death.


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Plutonium Blonde

Sandra Lahire
Part of a trilogy of films on radiation, this dystopic collage frames the fractured narrative of Thelma, a woman working with the monitors in a plutonium reactor.


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Serpent River

Sandra Lahire
Beautiful but often violent images are interwoven to create an experimental documentary about the hazardous existence of the Serpent River community living in the shadow of uranium mines in Ontario, Canada.
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Stages of Mourning

Sarah Pucill
I ritualise through a performance to camera the coming to terms with the loss of my partner, Sandra Lahire. (Sarah Pucill)
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Swollen Stigma

Sarah Pucill
Femininity, as a construction, is explored within a lesbian context where an assertion of lesbian symbolic imagery is created.


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Sandra Lahire
Terminals exposes women’s corporeal vulnerability to techno-patriarchal culture through a filmic exploration of the working conditions of female workers at nuclear power stations.


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Uranium Hex

Sandra Lahire
Using a kaleidoscopic array of experimental techniques, this film explores uranium mining in Canada and its destructive effects on both the environment and the women working in the mines.

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