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AIF C.W. Winter, Anders Edström - 1

A program in the context of Artist in Focus C.W. Winter, Anders Edström / Courtisane festival.
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The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin), the second feature from C.W. Winter & Anders Edström, is an eight-hour fiction shot for a total of twenty-seven weeks, over a period of fourteen months, in a village population forty-seven in the mountains of ...
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AIF C.W. Winter, Anders Edström - 3

A program in the context of Artist in Focus C.W. Winter, Anders Edström / Courtisane festival.
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AIF C.W. Winter, Anders Edström - 4

A program in the context of Artist in Focus C.W. Winter, Anders Edström / Courtisane festival.
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AIF C.W. Winter, Anders Edström - 5

A program in the context of Artist in Focus C.W. Winter, Anders Edström / Courtisane festival.
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The third entry in Oliveira’s Tetralogy. Based on the novel by Camilo Castelo Branco. A major innovation is the presentation of story: off-screen narration often running counter to what is shown.
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The Anchorage

C.W. Winter, Anders Edström
C.W. Winter & Anders Edström’s first film, shot in Sweden's Stockholm Archipelago, describes the life of a woman, Ulla Edström, over the course of three fictional days.
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Arnulf Rainer

Peter Kubelka
What we have here is something like a data compression of Luigi Russolo/Kazimir Malevich/Lászlo Moholy-Nagy/Yves Klein. Behold


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A haunting Santerían morsel of mysticism, ritual, and artist-as-subject from the towering Cuban-American.


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Chansons d’amour (Love Songs)

Jean-Claude Rousseau
Here, Rousseau continues his examination of what is and isn’t worthy of being an image, of being a scene, of being a film. A self-portrait whose very suspense is drawn from the tensions of those questions. A film that dares into the almost-nothing.


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Looking for Mushrooms

Bruce Conner
A psychedelic travelogue of rural Mexican nature, towns, and religious iconography. A document of a search for psilocybin mushrooms.


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Jack Goldstein
A choice that is almost always and almost never gratuitous in a film program.
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My Hustler

Andy Warhol, Chuck Wein
Starring the eruditely genteel Harvard grad student Ed Hood (also from Chelsea Girls, Bike Boy, and Screen Test #25) and other Factory regulars: Paul America, Joe “Sugar Plum Fairy” Campbell, Genevieve Charbin, and Dorothy Dean. From mid-January to April of 1966, due to popular ...


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Picture and Sound Rushes

Morgan Fisher
Film school in 11 minutes. And a high water mark of cinematic self-reflexivity. Morgan gives us the four states of a film: picture with sound, picture with no sound, sound with no picture, and the null set.


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Rock My Religion

Dan Graham
Cinema without talking about cinema. A non-cinephilia. From an artist who’s used music to inspire everything from video to theater to essays to glass pavillions.


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Sunset to Sunrise

Dan Graham
Partially inspired by James J. Gibson's The Perception of the Visual World (Boston, 1950). Made by aiming a 16mm camera in a slow spiral across the sky. Unlike the aesthetic overfitting we find in much putatively hallucinatory art, Graham here reduces things to a usefully ...

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