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Film Fest Gent - Jerusalem In My Heart / Tashi Dorji
Gearchiveerd: Jerusalem In My Heart / Tashi Dorji

duur: 120 minuten

Film Fest Gent in Vooruit

Jerusalem In My Heart is Radwan Moumneh's alter ego, a Lebanese Canadian who worked at the legendary Hotel2Tango studios in Montréal with Suuns, Cursed and A Silver Mt. Zion. He only performs a few times a year and none of his shows are alike. Jerusalem in My Heart is an unforgettable audiovisual show in which electronics and punk rock take Arabic traditions for a merry ride. At Vooruit Moumneh will be using a set of 16 mm projectors.

Bhutanese guitarist Tashi Dorji brings meditative guitar excursions and impulsive free improvisations in which you can hear echoes of ancient delta blues, flamenco and Albert Ayler's gripping solos. Thanks to his fast growing live reputation and a busy release schedule Tashi Dorji seems to have been included in the small group of underground star guitarists such as Sir Richard Bisschop and Bill Orcutt. For Film Fest Dorji will also be playing with 16 mm film projections.

"I'm not sure Tashi Dorji has made anything completely new yet, but the range of creative solutions he's found while trying to avoid the well-worn paths of instrumental guitar music is thrilling." - Pitchfork


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