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World Soundtrack Awards
World Soundtrack Awards
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World's most important film music institute... in Ghent

The World Soundtrack Awards are organised every year during Film Fest Gent and are the most important film music prizes in the world. Big fish get acknowledged for their lifelong contributions to the film music industry and youngsters can win prizes that bring their career to the next level. But the World Soundtrack Awards are so much more than just music prizes...

Film Fest Gent is an important player in the international film world. The festival has gained this position in part because of its focus on film music. The soundtrack in a movie is usually celebrated, but the individual behind the composition often stays in the shadows. Therefore, the World Soundtrack Awards and the World Soundtrack Academy were founded in 2001. They are aimed at organizing and overseeing the educational, cultural and professional aspects of the art of film music, including the preservation of the history of the soundtrack and its worldwide promotion. The latter through the presentation of awards as well as through the development of several other promotional initiatives.

The academy also actively contributes to the educational section through organising seminars, workshops, master classes, etc. as well as through the future publication of these studies and the development of an archive.

The Awards are only a start for this part, but are also the absolute highlight of the music related activities during the festival. They are organised with the purpose of giving film composers the recognition they deserve. An overview:

- SABAM Award for the Most Original Composition by a Young International Composer
- Best Original Score for a Belgian Production
- Discovery of the Year
- Television Composer of the Year
- Film Composer of the Year
- Public Choice Award
- Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film
- Lifetime Achievement Award

The World Soundtrack Awards get granted on a festive night that will have a part for the awarding of the prizes, acceptance speeches, and a part where film music will be played by Brussels Philharmonc, conducted by Dirk Brossé. The soundtracks will be accompanied by film fragments on three big screens. Some attending composers will play, as the cherry on the cake, parts of their composition together with the orchestra or as a conductor. 

This year, our central guests were Carter Burwell and Nicholas Britell (World Soundtrack Discovery of the Year 2017). The French composer Philippe Sarde was honoured with a World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award.

People who only wanted to enjoy film music could attend our concert '2001 and Beyond: A Symphonic Odyssey', held specifically because of the 50th birthday of Stanley Kubricks masterpiece '2001: A Space Odyssey.'

Meet & Greet

Each year, Film Fest Gent organises a short press conference and Meet & Greet with the invited performing and nominated WSA composers

World Soundtrack Awards

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