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Relive film classics The Shining and Solaris with a novel score during VIDEODROOM 2020

Film Fest Ghent will explore the cross-pollination between film and music at its 47th edition with VIDEODROOM 2020. In collaboration with Kunstencentrum Vooruit, the festival will present film classics such as SolarisKoyaanisqatsi and The Shining while giving them a VIDEODROOM make-over. Live music concerts and performances will propose experimental perspectives on the film canon while offering unforgetable experiences.


This year's VIDEODROOM program features one-off live shows, supplemented by an album show that takes place entirely in a virtual reality environment and a new edition of Ghost, in which the visitor gets the chance to explore the Vooruit building. VIDEODROOM 2020 runs from Wednesday October 14 to Thursday October 22.

wo 14.10 - 'SZUM (noise)' by The Space Between (Inne Eysermans / Ingrid Leonard / Katharina Smets) // OPENING NIGHT

The iconic Polish Radio Experimental Studio will kick-start VIDEODROOM this year. PRES was an artistic safe haven in Poland's turbulent 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Inspired by this creative freedom, the artistic collective The Space Between started using the experimental output from the PRES. The result is SZUM (noise), a transmedia performance with futuristic synthesizer creations.

The Space Between is the collective of radio maker and sound artist Katharina Smets, photographer and video artist Ingrid Leonard and sound artist Inne Eysermans (Amatorski). In 2019 the trio was present at Vooruit with their personal project Land.

wo 14 & do 15.10 - Kevin Richard Martin performs a live score of Solaris

British producer Kevin Richard Martin (The BugKing Midas Sound) has been delivering masterpieces full of distorted dub, dark ambient and deep drones since the 1990s. During VIDEODROOM, he will performe a unique live score of the iconic sci-fi film Solaris (1972) by the Russian filmmaker, Andrei Tarkovsky. Martin recently moved to Brussels, where he built a home studio during the lockdown. He will be live on stage again for the first time in a long time. Don't miss out!

do 15.10 - Mortal Glitch - virtual album presentation of NAH & OISOI

NAH, aka Michul Kuun, is an American percussionist, producer and visual artist who lives and works in Belgium. NAH is known for his intuitive live performances and blistering noise bursts. During VIDEODROOM he will present his new project Mortal Glitch: an album presentation in a virtual world, designed by the Ghent-based virtual reality design agency OISOI. Participants of the album: Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura), Cities Aviv and Vooruit resident Charlotte Adigéry.

Mortal Glitch is also an interactive virtual playground, customized for NAH. Not only is it a platform for releasing music, live performances and sensory installations will also play a role in it in the near future. Mortal Glitch is a must-do experience that both criticizes and responds to our current limitation to experience live music and visual art.

vr 16 t.e.m. za 24.10 - GHOST celebrates 40 years The Shining in a special manner

Experience Kubrick's 40-year-old masterpiece The Shining all by yourself. Film Fest Gent, Vooruit and GHOST are joining forces again, creating an exclusive, once in a lifetime, corona-proof and delightfully exciting haunted house course through the Vooruit building. Along the way, performances, installations, projections and much more will overwhelm you.

Is it a coincidence that The Shining is central to this edition? Of course not: never before has this story of isolation and loneliness been so recognizable. That is why Film Fest Ghent transforms Vooruit into the Overlook Hotel, where you can explore the lesser-known sides of the building on your own.

The line-up for this unique performance act consists of Siegfried Burroughs (OnmensKapitan Korsakov), Herrenscheide and Stef Van Looveren (in collaboration with GOUVERNEMENT), Jong GeweiShhtWinne Clement (Fujara Flutes), TTBWRS, guitarist Geoffrey BurtonLaima , Christeene, dancer from Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Studio Stories and Thelooca.

do 22.10 - Eric Thielemans & Chantal Acda perform a live ritual soundtrack for cultdocumentary Koyaanisqatsi

For the Hopi Indians, koyaanisqatsi means "living in madness and turmoil". The unique documentary (1982) - previously brilliantly scored by Philip Glass - will receive a new live score, produced by Chantal Acda and Eric Thielemans, and performed live in Vooruit. A unique opportunity to revisit this masterpiece and to get a hold of these master composers live.


Due to the imposed corona measures, a maximum of 200 tickets are currently available for each performance (except for GHOST). The presale for VIDEODROOM runs through Vooruit. Be quick!

In addition to VIDEODROOM, (film) music lovers can also register for the World Soundtrack Awards, which will take place as an online event, livestreamed from Kinepolis Ghent, for free via this link.


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Film Fest Ghent will explore the cross-pollination between film and music at its 47th edition with VIDEODROOM 2020. In collaboration with Kunstencentrum Vooruit, the festival will present film classics such as Solaris, Koyaanisqatsi and The Shining while giving them a VIDEODROOM make-over. Live music concerts…

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