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Rosemarie Blank

Vaarwel Pavel

Edition 1999
85' - 1999 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch, Russian, English
Director: Rosemarie Blank With: Adrian Brine, Nelly Frijda, Tatyana Grigoryeva
Russian journalist Alexei Petrov is laying on his bed in a shabby hotel room in Rotterdam. Exhausted and still wearing his overcoat. The hotel landlady hands him the phone. “A telephone call from Russia. Your son is waiting!” By the roadside facing the hotel a grey Mercedes parks. The journalist suspects this is no coincidence, because he is researching Russian freighters that have been impounded in the Port of Rotterdam and writes about trafficking in women. When he helped a Russian prostitute who appealed to him, to get a forged passport, he became increasingly involved in murky affairs.

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86b2de97 5f21 4b12 93ab 2617efd9634b
86b2de97 5f21 4b12 93ab 2617efd9634b
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Rosemarie Blank


Adrian Brine, Nelly Frijda, Tatyana Grigoryeva


Rosemarie Blank

Director of Photography

Martin Gressmann


Jan Wouter van Reijen


René Scholten

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Dutch, Russian, English

Countries of production

The Netherlands, Germany



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