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Focus on Spanish Cinema
Focus on Spanish Cinema
Film Fest Gent

8 > 18 Oct 2019

No one can deny Spain’s rich film history, including icons like Luis Buñuel, Carlos Saura and Victor Erice. But the glory days of Spanish cinema are far from over: powerhouses like Pedro Almodóvar continue to produce hit films.

Moreover, Spain’s genre cinema belongs to the world’s best. Feel free to check out our Classics programme and the spotlight on director Agustí Villaronga to see for yourself. 

In our contemporary selection, we decided to focus not on that genre cinema, but on the arthouse of the southern country.

A new wave of young, Spanish film makers are trying to deal with the damage Franco left behind in their country. That results in unique interpretations of a collective, national trauma (‘While at War’, ‘Les Perseides).

Other film makers opt for a deeply personal drama (‘Els dies que vindran’, ‘Meseta’, ‘Júlia Ist’). More of an adventurous film fan? Spanish cinema doesn’t shy away from experiments either (‘Liberté’). To top it all off, our selection showcases Spain’s exploration of the border between fiction and documentary (‘Entre dues aigües’,Zaniki)

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