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With over 140 films, the programme can be quite overwhelming. Where to start? Film Fest Gent offers you some selectiontools to help you find your way.

Sections & Trails

Film Fest Gent's festival programme has the Sections as its pillars: from the official competition to this years Focus on Nordic Cinema. To make it easier for you to find your way around the programme, we put together several Trails which combine films with a similar theme or films for a particular target audience.


A discerning selection of the best of international cinema. An international jury awards two prizes

Previews attended by cast and filmmakers.

Films that offer a cross section of arthouse cinema from all over the world.

The best documentaries and feature films on a wide range of music and musicians.

Portraits of directors, actors, but also fashion-icons.

Premiere of the first two episodes of two new Flemish series and two mini-series - one documentary, one fiction - by two French directors, Claude Lanzmann and Bruno Dumont.

Competition for Belgian

Film Fest Gent puts a spotlight on European short film talent as well. The international jury awards the Film Fest Gent Best European Short Award, worth €3,000.

A program of Hungarian shorts as part of the focus on Hungarian cinema.

A selection of international shorts

Ripe for (re)discovery: the films of Hungarian master Miklós Jancsó. Plus restored classics from Hitchcock, Klimov and Ivory.

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Six films to suit viewers aged 65 and over, selected from the programme by Roel Van Bambost.

Young film fans can once again enjoy the youngsters trail, which offers a stimulating and suited mix of films.

A selection of films that follow unexpected narrative paths and push the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.

Films with a predominantly rainbow-coloured theme or sensibility.

Thrilling, horrifying, provocative, confrontational films or films that are a little out-there. From inspired genre exercises ('Unsane', 'Bad Times at the El Royale') to pure experiments ('X-the eXploited', Maya Deren).

Even the youngest festival visitor can enjoy the programme with this selection of animated gems, documentaries and features.

Belgian premieres of new films that already made their mark at international film festivals.

A selection of documentaries addressing various topics, ranging from history and nature to society, music and art.

For those that look for young, exciting talent: debuts that are beautiful examples of a clear artistic vision.

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