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You (Us) Me
Archived: You (Us) Me (2014)

director: Max Sobol

composer: Baconhead
With: Chris Wilde, Hannah Kew, Hilary Hodsman, a.o.

duration: 87 minutes
Thriller, Horror
Film Fest Gent - You (Us) Me

Edward, a homicidal everyman, and Vivian, an unhappy, suicidal woman, are the central couple in this film, with an 'opposites-attract' dynamic that is hilarious, ironic and sometimes sad. "Disturbing, potentially offensive and darkly humorous, British writer-director Max Sobol's debut feature is a serial-killer romance not quite like any that have come before." (The Hollywood Reporter)


director: Max Sobol
composer: Baconhead
producer: Max Sobol
screenplay: Max Sobol
Editor: Max Downey
Cinematography: Maeve O'Connell
sound: Andrew Blackburn & Benjamin Orbron

More info

dialogue: English
subtitles: no subt
Country: United Kingdom
year: 2014


MAX SOBOL: You (Us) Me (2014).

Technical Specs

sound: Dolby Digital SRD
format: DCP
frame: 1:2,35
FPS: 24


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