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X - The eXploited
Archived: X - The eXploited (2018)

director: Karoly Ujj Mészáros

With: Mónika Balsai, Zoltán Schmied, Zoltán Schneider, a.o.

duration: 111 minutes

Focus on Hungarian Cinema

"No one believes that the troubled ex-detective has discovered a serial murder case. Personal dramas and a murder mystery unfold in present-day Budapest, where demonstrations are part of the pre-election life of a city still trying to cope with the shadows of its historical and recent past. It is a city where nothing seems honest and true, except through the eyes of an emotionally unstable policewoman and her misfit daughter who wants to know who her father truly was." (The Film Catalogue) 


director: Karoly Ujj Mészáros
producer: András Muhi, Gabor Ferenczy
screenplay: Bálint Hegedûs, Károly Ujj Mészáros
Editor: Gyula István Mózes
Cinematography: Martin Szecsanov

production company: FocusFox Studio

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dialogue: Hungarian
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Hungary
year: 2018


Károly Ujj Mészáros: Gumiember (short, 2003), A ház (short, 2004), Ök (short, 2005), Palika leviszi a szemetet (short, 2005), 3 (történet a szerelemröl) (short, 2007), Alena's Journey (short, 2008), Liza the Fox-Fairy (2015), X - The eXploited (2018).

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format: DCP
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