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Wu Xia
Archived: Wu Xia - Dragon

director: Peter Chan

Film Fest Gent - Wu Xia

Liu Jin-xi is a papermaker who wants to lead a normal life with his wife Ah Yu and their two sons in a remote village. However, he is embroiled into a mystery murder case. Detective Xu Bai-jiu is tasked to investigate the case and meets Liu Jin-xi, whom h


director: Peter Chan

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PETER CHAN: Pickles Make Me Cry (1988), Seung sing qusi (1991), Feng chen san xia (1993), Fu shi yuan qu (1994), Xin nan xiong nan di (1994), Gam chi yuk sip (1994), Ma ma fan fan (1995), Comrades: Almost a Love Story (1996), Who’s the Man, Who’s the Woma

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