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Film Fest Gent - Who Can Kill a Child?
Archived: Who Can Kill a Child? - ¿Quién puede matar a un niño? (1976)

director: Narciso Ibañez Serrador

composer: Waldo de los Ríos
With: Lewis Fiander, Prunella Ransome, Antonio Iranzo, a.o.

duration: 112 minutes
Horror, Thriller


The notion that children are innocent is dramatically challenged in 'Who Can Kill a Child?' An English couple on vacation in Spain is convinced they've found an uninhabited island, until they're surrounded by a gang of wild, threatening children. Slowly but surely, the couple realizes that adults were present on the island at some point but were massacred by the little monsters.


director: Narciso Ibañez Serrador
composer: Waldo de los Ríos
screenplay: Narciso Ibáñez Serrador (as Luis Peñafiel) based on the novel "El juego de los niños" by Juan José Plans
Editor: Antonio Ramírez de Loaysa & Juan Serra
Cinematography: José Luis Alcaine

production company: Penta Films

More info

dialogue: English, Spanish, German
subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Spain
year: 1976


NARCISO IBÁNEZ SERRADOR: The House That Screamed (1969), Who Can Kill a Child? (1976)

Technical Specs

sound: Mono
frame: 1:1,85
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