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Film Fest Gent - Walking On The Rail
Archived: Walking On The Rail - Rah Raftan Roye Rail

director: Babak Shirinsefat


After “Three and a Half” and “Absolutely Tame is a Horse”, “Walking on the Rail” is the third film from Iran that criticizes the regime. Babak Shirinsefat places his film in Tehran in the year 2009. The year of the elections and, equally important to some


director: Babak Shirinsefat

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BABAK SHIRINSEFAT: Poetry that is Life (2000, short), The Language of Asigh (2002, short), Sowrd in the Sheath (2003, doc), The Train of Ziro O’Click (2004, doc), Raami (2006), Walking on the Rail (2010)

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