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Vitalina Varela
Archived: Vitalina Varela (2019)

director: Pedro Costa

With: Vitalina Varela, Ventura, Manuel Tavares Almeida, a.o.

duration: 124 minutes
Drama, Avant-Garde / Experimental

Official Selection - In Competition

On wednesday October 21st Pedro Costa will sit down with Courtisane's Stoffel Debuysere to talk about a cinema of shadows and the art of dissent in an extensive Director's Talk.

Few directors paint with such a singular brush. In the years since Béla Tarr retired, Costa has become the standard bearer for a certain type of dour, lyrical filmmaking steeped in ambiguity and rich with implications. His movies hover in a twilight zone of psychological disarray, but there's such transcendent beauty to his work that it never becomes a bleak aesthetic exercise. As Vitalina Varela [a film about a widow who returns to Lisbon from Cape Verde to bury her dead husband] proves, Costa empowers his subjects by framing them as majestic storytellers and letting their stories take charge. - Indiewire


director: Pedro Costa
producer: Abel Ribeiro Chaves
screenplay: Pedro Costa, Vitalina Varela
Editor: Vítor Carvalho, João Dias
Cinematography: Leonardo Simões
sound: Hugo Leitão

production company: OPTEC Filmes

More info

dialogue: Portuguese
subtitles: Dutch/Eng subt.
Country: Portugal
year: 2019


PEDRO COSTA: É Tudo Invenção Nossa (1984, short), O Sangue (1989), Casa de Lava (1994), Ossos (1997), In Vanda's Room (2000), Cinéma, de notre temps (2001, TV series), Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie? (2001), 6 Bagatelas (2001, short), The End of a Love Affair (2003, short), Ne change rien (2005, short), Colossal Youth (2006), State of the World (2007, segment), Memories (2007, segment), Change Nothing (2009), O nosso Homem (2010, short), Centro Histórico (2012, segment), Horse Money (2014), Vitalina Varela (2019).

Technical Specs

sound: Stereo 5.1
format: DCP

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