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Under The Skin
Archived: Under The Skin (2013)

director: Jonathan Glazer

composer: Mica Levi
With: Scarlett Johansson (Laura), Paul Brannigan (Andrew), Jessica Mance (alien), Joe Szula, Lynsey Taylor Mackay, Krystof Hadek (The Swimmer), Lee Fanning, Scott Dymond (The Nervous Man), Michael Moreland (The Quiet Man), Alison Chand, Ben Mills, a.o.

duration: 108 minutes
Science Fiction

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"Jonathan Glazer's 'Under the Skin' is a fascinating, original and hyper-stylised sci-fi trip featuring Scarlett Johansson as a sexy beast from outer space". Dave Mestdach's review of the long-awaited third film by the director of 'Sexy Beast 'and 'Birth' which he saw at the Venice Film Festival was downright lyrical. And the rest of his review was equally ecstatic. "Glazer strips the eponymous cult book on which this Freudian science-fiction trip is based down to the narrative bone, opting for an intoxicating and carefully paced flow of images which teases, titillates and constantly gives you goosebumps. What it's about? About the Freudian 'id' which becomes a 'she' or to put it in more terrestrial terms: about a stunning alien - Scarlett Johansson with black hair - who ends up in Glasgow where she proceeds to seduce various men and gradually learns what it means to be human. Or 'human beings' as seen from the extra-terrestrial perspective, leading Glazer to conclude that we human creatures are just as strange as these sexy sirens from outer space. With its oppressive, psychedelic atmosphere, its bizarre imagery of black blubber, milky white rooms and enlarged eyes, its mix of naturalism and hyper-formalism and its soundtrack with dissonant strings, 'Under the Skin' at times evokes echoes of Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Anyone with an open mind who is willing to go along on Glazer's trip will discover a highly original film, which has been beautifully filmed and which, above all, is an enjoyable and ambitious piece of work, with an eyeful of Scarlett Johansson in the nude as an extra. As Mr Spock is wont to say: "highly fascinating".


director: Jonathan Glazer
composer: Mica Levi
producer: Nick Wechsler
screenplay: Walter Campbell
Editor: Paul Watts
Cinematography: Daniel Landin

production company: FilmNation Entertainment

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subtitles: no subt
Country: United Kingdom
year: 2013


JONATHAN GLAZER (1965): Radiohead: 7 Television Commercials (1998 video short) - (videos "Street Spirit", "Karma Police"), Sexy Beast (2000), The Best of Blur (2000 video) - (video "The Universal"), Massive Attack: Eleven Promos (2001 video) - (segment "Karmacoma"), Birth (2004), The Work of Director Jonathan Glazer (2005 video documentary), Under the Skin (2013)

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format: DCP

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