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Film Fest Gent - Tokyo Kouen
Archived: Tokyo Kouen - Tokyo Koen

director: Shinji Aoyama

Film Fest Gent - Tokyo Kouen

Koji is a student and an amateur photographer. He likes to wander Tokyo’s many parks to take candid pictures of women. One day a successful dentist asks Koji to spy on his wife during her daily visits to the parks. Koji accepts, but soon he realizes this


director: Shinji Aoyama

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SHINJI AOYAMA: Kyôkasho ni nai! (1995, video), Helpless (1996), Chinpira (1996), Wild Life (1997), Tsumetai chi (1997), June 12, 1998 (1999, video doc), Sheidî gurôvu (1999), Enbamingu (1999), Eureka (2000), Desert Moon (2001), To The Backstreet: The Film

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