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Film Fest Gent - Though I Know The River Is Dry
Archived: Though I Know The River Is Dry (2013)

director: Omar Robert Hamilton

With: Kais Nashif (Man), Maya Abu Alhayyat (Woman), Salwa Nakkara (Mother), Hussam Ghosheh (Brother)

duration: 19 minutes
Short, Drama

Shorts – EFA-nominated European Shorts

In modern-day Palestine, a man must choose between the future of his child and the past of his militant brother.


director: Omar Robert Hamilton
producer: Louis B Lewarne
screenplay: Omar Robert Hamilton
Editor: Omar Robert Hamilton
Cinematography: Omar Robert Hamilton
sound: Basel Abbas

production company: Riverdry Films

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subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Egypt - United Kingdom - Qatar - Palestine
year: 2013

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OMAR ROBERT HAMILTON: Eyes on the Prize (2009, short), When I Stretch Forth Mine Hand (2009, short), Maydoum (2010, short), Though I Know the River Is Dry (2013, short)

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