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Film Fest Gent - The Town of Whales
Archived: The Town of Whales - Kujira No Machi (2012)

director: Keiko Tsuruoka

With: Momoko Tobita (Machi), Sui Katano (Tomohiko), Sakiko Yamaguchi (Hotaru), Kentaro Sato (Nanao), Masaru Nakashima (Teppei).

duration: 70 minutes
American Paranoia , Explore Zone , Drama, Youth / Coming-Of-Age

A small coastal town near Tokyo, the present day. Three high-school friends decide to go somewhere during their last summer together. Machi would like to see some whales, but the best place for that is California. Tomohiko wants to visit Tokyo and Hotaru will go anywhere.


director: Keiko Tsuruoka
producer: Keiko Tsuruoka
screenplay: Keiko Tsuruoka
Editor: Keiko Tsuruoka
Cinematography: Kenta Sasaki

More info

subtitles: Eng subt.
Country: Japan
year: 2012


Keiko Tsuruoka (1988): Tsutomete no Kaermichi (2009, short), The Town of Whales (Kujira no machi) (2012)

Technical Specs

sound: Optical Stereo Dolby
format: HD Cam
frame: 16/9
FPS: 24
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